8 Best Cebu Restaurants Serving Filipino Foods

8 Best Cebu Restaurants Serving Filipino Foods


1. Vikings SM City Cebu Restaurant –


The venue is awesome! It is the best buffet experience you can have. And not only that, it has been awarded for the third time with a prestigious Outstanding Food Retailer - Small Category thus becoming a Hall Fame Awardee. The Vikings is the largest restaurant in the Philippines serving its customer the famous buffet dining. The venue is awesome with all its branches in elegantly themed structures…massively! The Vikings have had 11 branches nationwide.


2. Lantaw Native Restaurant –

Lantaw Native Restaurants has all the fabulous locations for all its branches. It offers the best views in town. For one, the only floating restaurant branch in Cebu located in Mactan Island owns the best sunset, for a romantic setting while eating. These home-grown restaurant chains in Cebu has quickly transformed to be one of the most popular restaurants in Cebu in such a short time. If you are wishing to eat with family or friends, without having to spend too much, this a place for you! Seafood is the favorites on the menu.


3. Cafe Laguna –


Perfect venue. The best food.


Started by Lita Urbina, the first restaurant in 1991 was her way of sharing her authentic Filipino dishes with everyone. With all the right reasons, Lita who comes from a family of culinary enthusiasts makes Café Laguna the best choice for all banqueting needs. Café Laguna back then is a labor of love. Now, its home-cooked meals still smell of goodness and love. Lita, with the backing and encouragement of her loving family, served carefully prepared meals reminiscent of her childhood memories of her “mother’s kitchen and the countless hours spent indulging at the dinner table.” 

Moreover, Café Laguna is now a “celebrity” synonymous with the warm Filipino hospitality coupled with the great Filipino dishes. Additionally, Café Laguna is great for family gatherings and momentous celebrations. Presently, it has seven branches nationwide serving hundreds of customers each day.


4. AA BBQ & Restaurant –


Craving for seafood and freshly cooked grilled fish and pork paired with sinigang soup, this is the best place to be. Cebu City's original grill venue serving the finest pork BBQ, grilled seafood, and chicken dishes, it is genuinely scrumptious and fresh. From a modest lone location in Lahug, Cebu City, AA BBQ & Restaurant, has had now 8 branches conveniently situated across Cebu City and surrounding areas. A must-visit restaurant when in Cebu City.


5. House of Lechon –


The Cebu’s House of Lechon was opened in 2015 and awarded as number one Lechon Maker of the Year by Cebu’s Business Achievement and Recognition Awards in 2016. A great achievement! Then in just a few years, at least 4 branches had sprouted around Metro Cebu. Moreover, they are also famous for their very own version of spicy Lechon. The restaurant offers a calming ambiance as it shows a very warming Filipino hospitality. But, for all you know, Lechon is not the only dish being served for there are other varieties that reflects Filipino biases when it comes to food. They are serving the Filipino favorites Humba (Filipino braised pork originating from the Visayas), the famous Utan Bisaya (a kind of Vegie soup), Kinilaw Fiesta (a native Philippine ceviche), Sinigang na Tanigue (A kind of sour and savory fish stew with vegetables), Chicken Tinola (Filipino chicken soup usually with vegetables), baked scallops, and many more. All in all, a sumptuous meal, indeed!


6. Isla Sugbu Seafood City –


Best place for quality seafood lovers! Awarded the Best Seafood Restaurant for four years now, the latest in 2019. So, Paluto All You Can Buffet now, the pioneer in ‘PALUTO’ in the Philippines! The idea of ‘PALUTO’ is that the customers choose the fresh seafood you want from their displayed selection, get them to cook it, and you are free to eat all you want! There are at least 50 cooks in the kitchen to prepare your food, so, worrying time is not to worry – that is how thorough Isla Sugbu when it comes to serving the favorite mouthwatering dishes. The hooked of the day mouthwatering dishes are the adobong Pusit, Lambay sa Gata, and shrimp Gambas. 


7. Gerry's Grill Restaurant & Bar –


At Gerry’s Grill, sumptuous Filipino dishes have been served since its opening in February 1997. Ever since, Gerry’s has been creating significant impressions in the Philippine cuisine, fast becoming a must-visit food destination, here and abroad! The dining areas feature cozy and inviting old-style Filipino interior providing an ambiance of warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the dining setup is a classic Gerry’s by using cushioned booths to seat diners. This is a clever idea because booths provide diners better privacy and comfort. Lastly, at Gerry’s a robust menu filled with fresh dishes, from classic Filipino favorites to exotic cuisines are always inviting. No Filipino dinner is ever complete without the all-time favorite, Grilled Squid! Do not miss it!


8. Mang Inasal –


Mang Inasal’s instant success is its wide array of Filipino comfort food, especially Chicken Inasal - with its distinctive taste that Filipinos have grown and continued to love. The original fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine with the dine-in concept, its distinctively Filipino style of stamp-grilling, and special marinade made of local secret spices, makes Mang Inasal what it is today. Their famous native-style and “nuot-sarap” Chicken Inasal with its pioneering “unlimited rice” quickly won the hearts of its customers. Today, with Jollibee Foods Corporation’s 100% share acquisition in April 2016, Mang Inasal becomes the leading Filipino branded outlet in the country, backed up with its strong portfolio of Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ, Halo-Halo, and Palabok. Lastly, Mang Inasal has steadily grown ever since its acquisition, making it one of the fastest-growing quick-service restaurants in the country. To date, Mang Inasal has over 450 stores nationwide and counting.

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