The Post COVID19 Recovery Strategy for the Hospitality Industry

The Post COVID19 Recovery Strategy for the Hospitality Industry


Looking at your hotel and encouraging people to book in once your hotel is ready to reopen requires more than just able marketing and promotion. It necessitates a more fine-tuned approach especially in this time of the pandemic.


1. Offer innovative promotions –


Tap into fresh markets or give a unique touch that would catch people’s interest. This can be most effected for existing special family packages that will incorporate exciting entertainment options. Additionally, leased out day-use rooms to people who went to work remotely but then would like to buzz off the house during the day.


2. Focus on your local community –


This is for reason that international tourism may take longer to bounce back. Make promotions and offer deals around schools or where other specials customers could certainly benefit and take advantage of. Also, must consider which media best reaches this market. Additionally, be cognizant of which channels they book through for this would help enhance the target market.


3. Making the best of new trends –


Constantly be mindful of consumer behavior as the rising number of people are making use of voice-activated search platform when planning for a trip. Entice these people to your site by adding up Q&A articles that cover up subject matters most frequently search for that may interest potential guests. Top on the list of the searches are attractions, restaurants, and bars around the locality or localize COVID19 pandemic related information.


4. Plan the resources and focus –


Create a plan on the available resources and focus on it. Focus on the marketing strategy with the maximum ROI for the hotel. This includes directing marketing activities on a social media platform and media interactions or paid advertisements and marketing campaigns.


The Process of Welcoming Guests Back to the Hotel

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As in most hotels, COVID19 almost certainly had made changes the front office handles guests’ arrivals. Notwithstanding the necessary measures undertaken, welcoming the tourists and guests in a warm and friendly approach has never been so crucial. So, make the front office a perfect COVID-proof opening strategy for your guests.


1. Modify the front office’s customer services to be extra flexible and make available for guests to decide on remote services where possible. On customer service flexibility, offer them choices of what other services they would like to take, receive, or accept as not everybody would be comfortable with things as valet parking and concierge service. Leverage hotel tech tools to provide visitors and staff the opportunity to converse and connect digitally. It is a great way to encourage visitors to give reviews following their visit.


2. Carry out new hygiene guidelines in communal spaces that follow local health and safety protocols. These can include giving visitors and staff PPE, putting up hand sanitizer stations, giving out information regarding compulsory health and safety procedures, and arranging an allowable space seating arrangement in the hotel’s lobby. Since many of these points would bring in extra monetary expense to the hotel, management may or may not include these expenses in the budget.

3. Provide visitors the best experiences they will treasure by affiliating with community tour guides, service providers, and destinations. This system will not only give the hotel a competitive advantage but most likely will build new prospects to interact with visitors and generate income by way of upselling.


Providing the Best of Experience on Food & Beverages


As always, the F&B in the hospitality industry is heavily dependent on just two traits: the close interaction with visitors and delivering unforgettable experiences. Even though COVID19 is making it up extra challenging, there are many innovative approaches to relish visitors and ensure continued flows of revenues in the F&B venues. Some of these are the following.


1. Overhauling the Marketing Approach –


Online presence is vital. Start an online presence in order. Revise or improve Google listing, renovate website, and update other social media networks. This must include innovative opening hours and must also highlight hygiene procedures. Build content aimed at the local audience and initiate testing of what type of content keeps them engage the most. Ultimately, utilize online presence to advantage by advertising offers, deals, and promotional campaigns towards getting new visitors.


2. Evaluate Costs and Revenues –

New-found hygiene procedures and spacing out in the F&B venues create a strong impact on its operational costs and ability to generate income. Assess the financial aspects of running the venue, how the targeted market changes, how many covers are needed to break even, and where to find ways to efficiently save costs.


3. Boosting Up F&B’s Sales –


This is now the high times of trying new ways of generating more sales. Partnering with localize distribution services and allowing customers or guests to pick up foods are some ways to generate sales. Renewing or updating the menu regularly to incorporate seasonal specials would make visitors have more reasons to patronize the venue. Additionally, train staff on ways of upselling to boost sales.


4. Carry Out New SOPs –


Implement new standard operating procedures that follow local rules to keep staff and visitors safe. Carry out guidelines issued by local authorities. Look and learn ways to implement that would not unduly disrupt services. Additionally, from time to time, do not forget to convey the taken measures to the visitors.


The Management of Revenues in This Unusual Times


The methodology to the management of revenues following the lockdown will have a significant impact on how well a hospitality business fares for the duration of the recovery period. Some important points below would help adapt the strategy in developing demands in this extraordinary situation.


1. Adopt A Complete Revenue Management –


At this trying time for businesses, the management of revenues is no longer just about revenues earned. Now is the right time to see and explore the entire customer journey and optimize it to drive revenues in other departments too. This increases in-house spending that will in turn gives insights on how to wow visitors the amazing service.


2. Offer Value-Added Enticements Instead of Discounts –


Since businesses are cutting down on corporate travel, it implies a weaker corporate segment. With not many people traveling worldwide, the domestic market will be the best. So, instead of giving exorbitant discounts, offer promotions as an alternative with additional value that promises visitors a great stay and excellent experiences. Finally, keep track of these trends and see which segments of the business have picked up to better target them with appropriate campaigns.


3. Maintain interim, short-range forecasting –


Prepare for shifting demand patterns and continue short-term forecasting. The moment’s best approach. The situation may perhaps appear pointless to look overly far ahead of as no one could be able to predict exactly how to travel limitations and business recovery would develop in the upcoming months. In this situation, set up a short-term forecast for at least two or three scenarios to find out how the business would perform in these unique situations. Save time on this task by leveraging further management revenue tools.


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