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About RT

This site is intended primarily for the world’s travelers on the go!
The luxury and comfort in travels lie on the daily information available at one’s fingertips! We, together with our partners in the travel industry, will provide as much as possible fitting industry information for travelers around the world. In this site, we publish everything a traveler must know before embarking on a trip or to those who are planning a trip. Travel updates, latest news, breaking news, press releases, and products from travel industries and the hospitality world will always be the order of the day.
We are not directly selling anything on this site, although we post, promote, and write some reviews for products solely related to the travel industries. These posts and product reviews are not endorsements for the products but as a venue for travelers to get up-to-date information on the said products.
Information gathered, posted and published on the site are all human edited and voluntary in nature.
Products and company names shown on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. Any products purchased through our links are directly served by our affiliate partners. We are earning commissions through these links/purchases but it won’t cost you anything.

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